I truly do like working with you on your projects. The reason I enjoy working with you is that I can tell you really want to complete the project on time and with good quality. I have worked on many of your projects and I am impressed by your questions and your drive to get to the proper answers, and your request for written proof of any system that we might recommend, and to me this is what produces a quality job.
John Garceu
Allied Building Products.


My wife Jackie requested Francisco to come over and check the overall condition of our roof. Francisco wasted no time coming over and said our roof was still in very good condition with the exception of a few tiles missing. Again Francisco wasted no time getting some replacement tile and getting the job completed the next day. Francisco did a great job and very thorough and with the great service he goes out of his way to provide, I would highly recommend his service to anyone.

James Woolfe - All Quality Plumbing Inc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Thank you for the great work.  I hope you get the hotel job from my neighbor, I told her that you guys are great to work with and the job was done above expectations.

Marty DeLoach 

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